About the Project

Tellme is an innovative jewelry brand that offers stylish and versatile jewelry featuring large diamonds, perfect for any occasion.

It primarily targets influential trendsetters, particularly younger individuals who value self-expression and standing out.

Business Objective

Our task was to create a complete brand package from scratch. This involved creating a unique brand name, establishing a brand platform, developing a distinctive brand identity and website design, and ultimately building the website. Our goal was to shape the image of a high-quality, innovative, and technologically advanced brand.

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To develop the brand name, we analyzed current trends in the jewelry industry and researched competitors. We noticed that many competitors incorporate proper names, such as the founder or partner, into their brand names. However, in the niche we chose for innovative brands, there was a shift towards focusing on concepts rather than individuals.

Following this market trend, we explored various brand name options that didn't rely on proper names. Eventually, the client settled on the name "Tellme." This name embodies the joy, freedom, and spontaneity that resonate with the brand's target audience.

Brand Platform

The brand aims to bring a touch of brilliance to everyday life by empowering individuals to showcase their best selves. It inspires people, adds intricate beauty to their daily routines, and provides them with the means to express their unique personalities and perspectives. Ultimately, the brand seeks to bring out the best qualities of humanity, including kindness, care, responsibility, artistry, fresh ideas, and more.

The brand embodies The Creator archetype. Driven by a desire to craft something new and exceptional, they strive to bring enduring value to the world. They express themselves through their talents and work diligently to transform their vision into reality. 

In setting the brand's tone-of-voice, we have incorporated characteristics such as boldness, confidence, interactivity, engagement, and friendliness.

Logo Design and Brand Identity

The brand logo embodies its name: a speech bubble. It features a rounded or irregularly shaped outline with the brand name inside, accompanied by a tail pointing towards the speaker. This concept draws inspiration from characters in comics who communicate through speech bubbles.

The entire visual identity of the brand revolves around the logo and its aesthetics. We have crafted different variations of the speech bubble image to convey various moods, ranging from playful and flirtatious to friendly and even sad. The logo has the ability to evoke a soft whisper or make a bold statement.

A key graphic element that unifies the brand’s style is the tail. It can take different forms: straight, jolted, or curved, depending on the desired emotional expression. It can move from the foreground to the background and vice versa. The tail can appear alongside or separately from the logo, but it must always originate from a defined starting point.

Website Design

Before designing the website, we carefully considered the client's preferences and agreed upon a simple, minimalist approach with a prominent layout. The website showcases vibrant photos and videos against a serene graphic backdrop, ensuring a captivating visual experience.

In order to stand out among the multitude of online jewelry stores that typically use light shades, we opted for a sophisticated dark gray tone with accents of the brand's distinctive yellow color.

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