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About Kwikwins
On-demand product competency platform.
We help startup founders and entrepreneurs form product teams to solve digital product development challenges.
Kwikwins is a new and unique way of working. We help to create harmonious and partnership cooperation in which everyone is involved in the product. And such love generates incredible results that both the customer and the team are proud of.
Our values
For talented performers from different fields who have outgrown freelancing, with its instability, and full-time, with its boring mundane tasks. You have the opportunity to work in a team, controlling your time and its cost, without losing your individuality
Combined the best of freelancing and full-time
We also came out of the world of freelancing, and we know what it "holds": the opportunity to get really cool projects from abroad.
But Kwikwins not only has such projects, we have them predominate.
Work on projects that inspire
Another "sore topic" in freelancing, which eventually drives many into boring corporate work.
The performer's Kwikwins if they completed their tasks.
No shyness in money matters
Kwikwins brings together the best, motivated and engaged pros. And then we form powerful teams whose members match according to the maximum number of criteria.
Work in a competent team
We are not looking for the perfect ones.
We are looking for brave people
Flexible schedule & work / life balance
English practice on foreign projects with native speakers
Build your own schedule, just meet deadlines
Experience in developing a worldwide Web3 technology startup from scratch
Work directly with experienced entrepreneurs and specialists
Work from any part of the world
We are the very "performers" who at some point outgrew freelance.
George Shatirov, CEO Kwikwins
"In turn, the COVID economy has changed the balance of the web competencies market: there are a lot of performers. But among them it is difficult to find those same performers — real pros who work not for quantity, but for quality, "not 12 hours a day, but with their heads." We wanted to gather all these people, give them a platform where they can meet and start making products."
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