Recent case studies on how
we have helped companies

Construction lifecycle
management platform
The cloud-based construction life-cycle management platform will allow bringing the digitalisation of the construction industry to a whole new level and introducing fundamental principles.
Suitable for any complexity facilities construction projects.
Automated management system for top-management
Suitable for middle and senior managers in any industry where daily participation in meetings, project monitoring, issuing resolutions and mobile response to incidents is expected.
Controlling system of geomonitoring analytical indicators
The system allows to achieve improved performance indicators for monitoring problematic facilities for a wide range of services for senior managers and civil servants.
Crowdsourcing platform for ideas bank and decision making
Crowdsourcing system is designed to automate the processes of collecting employee initiatives to improve the corporate component in the company.
Flexible benefit system
Automated flexible compensation management system based on the "cafeteria" principle. The employee forms his own compensation package at the expense of funds allocated by the company.
Learning process automation system
in schools or kindergartens
The system allows you to automate the complete end-to-end process, starting from the conclusion of the contract, training, tracking results and closing the contract.
Once-only fitness club visit app
App is designed to optimize the process of buying training for a business that provides one-time services for customers.
Fitness centers services can be sold over the Internet using a geomodule.
Datascience platform
Off-the-shelf pre-configured cloud environment in which you can create
machine learning models without being distracted by installation and configuration of components and libraries.
Key metrics
short-term forecast
Module with ML-models helping energy companies to predict electricity consumption.
The toolkit for the visual presentation of heterogeneous data on the manager information panel in a convenient and intuitive way.