Marketing communications manager
We are looking for a person who will help us become recognizable and build communication with our audience.
Expert who knows whom to tell about the product, knows where to find them and how to get them interested in it.
You will be:
  • Developing and implementing a brand communications strategy for priority markets (priority UK) to build awareness and trust in the brand
  • Developing and implementing integrated communications campaigns to support brand and reputation
  • Forming newsbreaks that will form the correct information field around the brand and product
  • Coordinating cross-teams to implement promotional tasks
  • Measuring and managing campaigns to optimize performance across channels including PR, digital, social media, direct marketing, publishing, and events.
  • Finding relevant contractors to scale results, plan and control budgets
  • Oversee media/PR plans that include relationship building, press releases (proactive and reactive), features and briefings as needed
  • Monitoring the reactions of the target audience, consumer attitudes towards the brand
  • Controling the quality of the product, its compliance with the needs of the target audience, market trends and brand promises (in conjunction with the production department)
What we expect from candidate:
  • You have 3+ years of experience in communications
  • You have experience in leading the translation of brand strategies into well-designed, successful brand communications and activities
  • You have a proven ability to develop and deliver well communication plans and solutions
  • You have excellent writing skills, including the ability to write in different styles for different audiences and formats
  • You are attentive to details, you know how to meet deadlines, and have strong organizational skills
  • You are able to create compelling stories that demonstrate leadership and drive change for the benefit of our target audience and our communities
  • You have a good understanding of media and news environments
  • You easily find a common language with people and are easy to communicate with
  • You know where opinion leaders and market experts hang out and know how to get them interested
  • You can develop plans for communication projects, build hypotheses and test them, and then implement these plans
  • You can generate ideas for marketing campaigns and special projects aimed at raising market awareness through completely different channels
  • You have experience working with brands from the fields of IT, startups, digital solutions
  • You have good written and spoken English at the Advanced or Fluent level
What can we offer:
  • Opportunity to work in the company from the new economic world without 3rd parties venture institutes
  • Possibility to grow and lead your own team or a whole unit in 6-9 months
  • Our product aimed to create real value for clients
What do you need to know about our team:
  • Our company’s revenue has grown by 80% over the past 6 month and we are not going to stop there
  • Our products aimed to create real value for clients
  • You will have important tasks from the first day in our team, participating in decision making, and your effort will pay you back quickly
Despite your skills, we are very concerned about your personality as well, because we must match.
If this is exactly what is interesting for you, feel free to apply for this position.